University of Okoboji Cook Book

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 First printed in 1980, it has been "re-printed" 18 times.

A note about our University and our Cookbook
Some call it a college for everyone. Others say it is a bonafide party school. But all agree that the University of Okoboji's major curriculum is fun! Okoboji is an attitude. The main attraction of the area has been and always will be the beautiful string of lakes. There are many lakes in the Midwest, but none so special as our Iowa Great Lakes Region. Due to Okoboji's central location and the varied courses offered at the University, the area has long been a magnet for people from throughout the Midwest who wish to enjoy "lake living" and the advantages of a unique curriculum from a renowned institution.

The "university" concept has existed since 1971, although residents
and visitors have been enjoying the Iowa Great Lakes Region for decades.
U of O's official seal is dated 1878, but that is because its founders didn't
think they could wait for more than a couple of years before a centennial

Recently U of O gained national prominence. Besides dozens of articles
by Iowa newspapers and broadcast stations, the U has been featured in
the Wall Street Journal and on NBC Television.
All is not jest at the university. Through projects and contributions, more
than $55,000 has been raised to purchase and equip an emergency extrication
unit for the Lakes Area. Other charities also benefit from such events
as Homecoming and the Uof O Prom.

The recipes included in this book were chosen from the tremendous
response from our alumni, students and friends. These recipes are as varied
as the geographic locations of those who contributed them. The Department
of Home Economics has developed this culinary classic and knows it will
bring you much enjoyment and good taste.
We would like to thank all of those who took the time and trouble to
compile and send their favorite recipes to us. The Department research on
the gourmet habits of its esteemed benefactors has now been completed.
Classes scheduled for the summer session will be held as usual.

The Department of Home Economics, 1980
Mary Jo M. Coffey, Director and Coordinator of Kitchen Affairs
Jane Flood, F.B.D. Professor of Cuisine and Continuing Education.